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Who we are:

PlanB Consulting believes in relationships, not transactions. When you engage PlanB Consulting we rapidly become an extension of your organisation.

Having been the client in several large companies (yes, we were you!) we know what you expect. We value your time, we understand having to deliver within budget, and - most importantly – your ability to demonstrate quality outcomes to your leaders and peers.

The Microsoft journey for us started before SharePoint existed and throughout our careers our talented group of consultants have covered the entire spectrum of services possible within what we now know as the M365 ecosystem

Our history with SharePoint, Exchange, and Nintex is the perfect groundwork for the evolution of our clients businesses into Teams. Our holistic approach to content and conversation management delivers intuitive and efficient systems for our clients to manage business, projects, customers and information leveraging modern and dynamic platforms.

Our people are not only highly skilled technical experts, we also ensure our strategic, problem solving and consulting skills are exceptional as well. PlanB Consulting intend to be your trusted advisors ensuring you have the right information at the right time to make important decisions. Our objective is to recommend the best solutions to suit your governance model, user needs and strategic outcomes not just your budget.


What We Do

  • SharePoint Migrations
    Upgrade from earlier versions of SharePoint –SharePoint 2010/13/16 to SharePoint Online. We can also help with migrations from legacy applications to the latest version of SharePoint. Our SharePoint Migration process follows Microsoft Best Practices to ensure successful Migration with quick turnaround and minimal down time. It begins with an in-depth analysis of existing environment for compatibility as well as Health Check of new environment for consistency. Based on the findings, migration methodology and tools are determined and followed up with the migration process. A thorough QA process after completion of migration ensures all your content is migrated and available for use. During the entire process our development team ensures there is minimal to no down time for smooth functioning of your routine operations. Strategic partnerships with leading migration applications, AvePoint and ShareGate ensure you can be confident of the level of support with even the most complex migrations.
  • Teams
    There has never been a greater demand for Microsoft Teams. Perfectly positioned to deliver a complete collaboration solution for teams (even when working remotely), integrating all communication, collaboration and content management into one user friendly interface. Being partners with some of the world's largest players in the Teams-automation space, we ensure we're on top of our game to help you succeed, whether it be for technical, user adoption or governance advice. No matter where you are on your Teams journey, we have many customer success stories to share and can take you to the next level. The “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail” maxim especially holds true in this instance! Don’t take any chances and make PlanB your PlanA for M365 rollout success.
  • User Adoption and Design-thinking
    Few people like constant change. Humans like consistency, routine, certainty and control. While cloud software companies like Microsoft understand his, they also expect you to become more agile. We live in a world of ongoing feature updates and new ways of working; Microsoft Teams is a prime example. So how do we succeed in a world of constant change? People. PlanB Consulting considers effective change management to be the defining success factor of each digital project. Our projects start and end with the user adoption. We consider the impact placed on each stakeholder group to ensure that no staff member is left behind. By applying design-thinking principles we check solutions are intuitive, staff are engaged, and your business can easily navigate through each change with minimal disruption.
  • SharePoint Services
    To build a robust, feature rich and intuitive SharePoint experience, you need a team of highly skilled SharePoint consultants. SharePoint offers a rich selection of features, which need to be configured in ways that suit your unique organisation needs. PlanB offer expertise in both configuration or customisation to ensure your implementation provides your people with the functionality they need whilst ensuring the integrity of your environment. Our combined years of experience have allowed us to develop unique methodologies and delivery approaches as well as a range of unique products to help you realise your investment in SharePoint. Here’s the list of SharePoint services we offer - SharePoint health checks and assessments SharePoint Intranet Enterprise Content Management Business Process Management with SharePoint Workflows SharePoint Business Intelligence & Dashboard Development Enterprise Search SharePoint Branding Service SharePoint support and Maintenance SharePoint Custom Development SharePoint upgrades and Migration SharePoint Hybrid Architecture Migration to Azure environment Tenant-to-tenant Office 365 Migrations Products: SharePoint Migration Portal Products: O365 custom learning portal (also available as a Teams App) PlanB Consulting have seen and successfully delivered on every SharePoint Search scenario. We already have game plan ready to go and are in good hands, with Adelaide’s only ‘Microsoft Certified SharePoint Master’ at the helm.
  • Business Intelligence
    Make no mistake, your business is our business. “…but we’ve always done it this way”. This response is not uncommon when challenging the status quo. PlanB Consulting prides itself on positively disrupting you - if your workflow has too much bloat and unnecessary ‘red tape’, we will advise you. Do you have Microsoft E5, E3, or E1 licenses? Great! We will help you get the most out of licenses by leveraging Power Automate to run your business workflows. Some of our clients still use InfoPath with the Nintex Workflow 3rd party software. While InfoPath is out of support, many businesses still use this platform – you are not alone! Additionally, PlanB Consulting is a proud Nintex Partner and has collectively built over 1000 workflows for several companies.BI is amongst the most crucial tools available to current era decision makers which gives them a huge advantage over their predecessors. Microsoft’s BI stack has a number of powerful tools that help us develop solutions to enable your decision makers identify key parameters to meet specific business Objectives.Dash boards, Score Cards, Key Performance Indicator, Charts, Trend Analysis, Comparative Analysis, heat maps, Graphs are some of the examples of visual data representation and part of our BI development offerings which can help you get meaningful insights from your existing data sources, be it on Premise or Cloud.Our technology stack includes services like SSAS, SSRS, Performance Point Services, Excel Services, BCS and latest in the arsenal – Power BI. We have helped a wide array of clients spread across industries, you can take a look at our BI portfolio which should give you an idea about solutions we offer with our Business Intelligence Consulting practice.
  • Search
    What do you think of when you think of ‘Search’? Google. Google Search is our expectation of the search experience. Your company’s search tool crystallises the value of your corporate knowledge. Anything short of Google-like accuracy frustrates staff and buries your valuable content to the bottom of the haystack. PlanB Consulting have seen and successfully delivered on every SharePoint Search scenario. We already have game plan ready to go and are in good hands, with Adelaide’s only ‘Microsoft Certified SharePoint Master’ at the helm.
  • Intranet
    Did you know that Intranets are one of the biggest organisational cultural drivers? PlanB Consulting works with you to deliver a compelling solution that supports your brand and fosters best-of-breed collaboration. Whether you require a fully-customised Intranet with bespoke branding or a slick, no frills solution, you can rely on PlanB to deliver. Our approach is a partnership to ensure you achieve your immediate requirement while future-proofing your Intranet solution in the fast-paced Microsoft 365 world! Partnering with Intranet in a box providers such as Valo intranet, supporting our clients to create high quality intranets without the prohibitive price tag.
  • Corporate Governance
    Mature corporate governance systems have a clear link between its policies, procedures and guidelines. We help to review your existing corporate governance system and help to tackle common issues: administrative overhead, inadequate review and approval systems, and difficulty with searching and locating the most recent file versions.
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